Why I joined SigEp

Dear Prospective Member and Parents,

My name is Alex Wisniewski and I am a junior at the University of Toledo studying Biology with aspirations of becoming a physician.  I serve as the current Vice President of Recruitment for the Ohio Iota chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  Looking back on my short two years involved with Greek Life, I can honestly say it has been the best decision I could have made entering my freshman year of college.  By surrounding myself with positive role models, I have grown as a leader on my own campus and developed strong friendships I will hold well past college.

As a native from the Toledo area graduating from St. Francis de Sales, making the transition to the University of Toledo was a simple process.  I had a good amount of friends still in the area and at first I didn’t look to branch out past these hometown connections.  After applying for the Balanced Man Scholarship offered by Sigma Phi Epsilon, however, I started to meet different fraternity gentlemen that completely flipped my idea of Greek Life around and revealed how much it would help me grow as a person.  The members would bring me around to different recruitment events, service projects or even just out to lunch, and hearing about how their experiences positively affected them really struck me.  These men were not only chapter members I saw myself becoming best friends with, but also the top leaders on campus who would help mold me into a balanced man.  They were going to push me to get involved, take on leadership roles, help me land that coveted internship position, or be there for me when I needed them most.

Many times, students come to college and miss out on all of the opportunities that are offered.  Sigma Phi Epsilon has been my route into getting involved on campus and making the most out of my college experience.  I have become active in many different student organizations, made connections with professors, discovered internship and job opportunities, built bonds with my brothers, and have left an impact at the University of Toledo that many people can’t say they’ve done.  If you are looking for the best college experience that will help prepare you for your future endeavors, look no further than SigEp.    

Now, as a member on the executive board of one of the top SigEp chapters in the nation, I truly have my chapter to thank for making my college experience the absolute best one possible.  I have met friends that will be in my wedding, brothers I can reach out to in times of need, and relationships that have positively influenced my life in one way or another.  I owe my awesome college experience to Sigma Phi Epsilon and I invite each and every one of you to give SigEp a chance in your own lives.


Alexander Wisniewski 

VP of Recruitment 

Alex Wisniewski