Why We're Different

At SigEp, we do things a little differently. Instead of doing the traditional rush for a week, pledge for a quarter, then become a member, we reinvented the system. We took the positive parts of the traditional model, but added our own spin. 

First, we don't do rush week. We recruit year round. This allows us to get to know our potential new brothers for a quarter or several weeks before giving them a bid, thus allowing us to uphold our high standards for membership and getting to know our potential new members on a personal level. We have to make sure you exhibit the characteristics of a SigEp; that is a leader, athlete, scholar, and a gentleman. 

If you are up to these standards and fit in with our fraternity, we will offer you a bid and you will be a member of our fraternity with full rights as soon as you accept. Then, you start our three stage member development program: Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon.

  • Sigma is 1 semester and is where you learn our values of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Additionally, you learn chapter history, about Greek Life in general, and meet your fellow Sigmas and the rest of the fraternity. 

  • Phi is 1-2 semesters and is a reflective and personal development stage. You figure out what your personal values are, what you want to do, and broaden your horizons. An activity you might do in Phi is going to an art museum or talking to an older brother about internships.

  • Epsilon is the rest of college. In Epsilon, you give back and act as a mentor to those younger than you in the fraternity. Additionally, you are required to give back to the University and Sigma Phi Epsilon in this stage. 

SigEp does not tolerate hazing of any kind and strongly believes that we should build our members up rather than tear them down. We believe that you can learn from the fraternity throughout college, not just while you pledge.